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Top BBA colleges in Mumbai


Overview Overview

The programme aims to provide high quality and professionally relevant undergraduate programme. Surpassing even the top BBA schools in India, UBS develops in students a critical appreciation of the role managers undertake in the modern business world.

Universal Business School is in a Global Academic Partnership with Cardiff Met. University, UK ( the rich history of the school dating way back to 1865 in Wales UK), leaves no stone unturned ensuring strong academic quality standards.

We can proudly say that even the best BBA college in Mumbai will not be able to match the value proposition of our college, that is, our BBA course in affiliation with CARDIFF MET., UK.

Our graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge of a multi-disciplinary approach to diverse business, information communication technology and management problems. 

On completion of a degree covered by the subject benchmark statement, a student should have the subject-specific knowledge and understanding, cognitive skills, practical and professional and transferable skills.

This is done by following the UK Quality Assurance Agency guidelines in giving students a ‘strong practical and professional orientation’ differentiating it from other Indian BBA programme, surpassing even the top BBA colleges in Mumbai.

University Highlights University Highlights

Program Highlights Program Highlights

Mission Vision Mission Vision


To create an environment where leaners will realize their full potential to become socially responsible future leaders, with a global outlook.


  1. Developing innovative and engaging curricula in collaboration with International partnership and networks which is academically rigorous and relevant to Global business enviornment.

  2. Providing intellectually, socially and personally transformative life enriching experience with an integrated approach towards academics, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

  3. Enabling learners through integrated industry connect which will include range of opportunities to strengthen employability and life skills.

  4. Fostering a mindset which appreciates a diverse and inclusive society with a commitment towards environmental concerns, community service and life-long learning.

Student Value Proposition Student Value Proposition

Students become future ready in the VUCA world and are able to:

Develop confidence to face any challenges

Become adaptable and agile

Use the right analytical tools

Explore new approaches to critical thinking and independent analysis

Facilitate quick decision making

Ask the right questions in a live environment

Testimonials Testimonials