Unique aspects of UBSian

Universal Business School, a place which has truly transformed my life. I have learnt many skills and the most important one is how to keep calm and handle difficult situations as well as people whom you don’t  like.

At UBS, students also get an opportunity to collaborate with experienced faculties, The differentiating factor of UBS is that students are provided with ample number of opportunities which focus on building one’s brand value. These opportunities include consulting projects which help students to gain in depth knowledge and understand the culture of an organization, CSR activity which helps a student to stay grounded and identify opportunities/requirements of society.

write research papers and publish it. Such opportunities help UBS students to differentiate themselves from the MBAs.

There are many clubs at UBS which conduct events on a regular basis and active participation of students make it a big success. These events are organized by club members under the guidance of the mentors. It helps to learn managerial skills, leadership skills.


Arsh Raina


(Indoor sports club)

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