Why Pursue An Experiential Learning Global Program

Why Pursue An Experiential Learning Global Program?

Today, the industry is looking for professionals with skills that enable them to relate to people and deal with challenges at the workplace. Professionals are required to be pro-active, find innovative solutions to business problems, and possess the right soft skills to interact with various departments on the global front.

At Universal Business School, we strive to provide the highest standards of business education that creates creative, innovative, and visionary managerial professionals with global expertise. To achieve this goal, our two year PGDM and one year Global MBA courses are designed on the 3E model - Ethics, Experiential Learning and Environment; with experiential learning taking up to 80% of the entire curriculum.

Why Such Emphasis on Experiential Learning?

The studies show that it doesn't take more than a month for most people to forget up to 80% of new information that they have acquired. Hermann Ebbinghaus is the pioneer of the forgetting curve, and he found that when anyone learns something new, a considerable amount of information is forgotten very quickly.

However, recent studies have shown that people retain more information when they learn it through various senses. This allows students to recollect information in numerous ways. One of the methods that educational institutes are incorporating is experiential learning. Students learn with the help of multiple forms either inside or outside the classroom. Let's take a look at the innumerable benefits of experiential learning:

Accelerated Learning

The experiential learning methodology uses critical thinking, problem solving and decision making to design a program module. Since students learn essential management skills along with theoretical understanding, this has become an established method to accelerate learning.

A Safe Learning Environment

It's natural to make mistakes when learning new skills, but experiential learning allows students to solve complex problems in a controlled and safe environment. It enables students to be prepared for the challenges they will face when working in an organization.

Bridges the Gap Between Theory and Practice

By focusing beyond theory and moving to the realm of "learning by doing,'' students gain first-hand experience of practising what they have learnt in the classroom. This plays a crucial role in recalling business concepts and ideas.

Yields Demonstrable Mindset Shifts

Since experiential learning involves learning by doing, it can have a dramatic impact on a student's mindset. In the words of Henry Mintzberg, "Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it".

Increases Engagement Levels

Learning by doing puts a heavy emphasis on collaboration and learning from peers, thereby, increasing engagement. This interaction allows students to create a robust professional network that will be beneficial once they graduate.

Why Pursue A Management Program From UBS?

UBS has been ranked the Most Innovative B-School in Mumbai by India Today & HRD Ministry. We are also the 5th Best Private B-School in Mumbai according to The Week. Moreover, our partner universities are accredited by AACSB. The AACSB accreditation symbolizes that a management school's graduate has learned from the best in class faculty, have exemplary support in terms of infrastructure, and are industry ready. In other words, AACSB accredited schools are amongst the elite business schools in the world.

Less than 5% of the world's business programs have earned an AACSB accreditation. This accreditation illustrates that UBS graduates are professionals who satisfy the expectations of the recruiters.

To ensure we provide the best in education, we consistently focus on creating a learning environment that will allow students to directly encounter real-life situations that will test their skills, knowledge, and emotions. Our 80% experiential learning module allows students the flexibility to react to conditions rather than merely thinking about how to respond to in a scenario. This allows our students to gain awareness of the contemporary business environment and step into the corporate world with confidence.

Our two year AICTE approved PGDM program is designed to train aspirants for multiple business roles at different scales. With core subjects like Transformational Leadership, International Entrepreneurship, Competitive Strategy and Strategic Management, students gain the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the industry. With the global immersion programme, students also gain the chance to receive international exposure to develop an intricate understanding of the international market.

Our AICTE approved PGDM program is designed based on the international education system wherein the professor is not a mere teacher but a guide and actively participates in facilitating our student's learning process.

The program has been designed by 60 CEOs and is refined by 30 Senators who are leading industry professionals. Our faculty members come with 20+ years of leadership experience; and combined with our 80% practical learning module, students learn to be industry ready from the get go.

To further augment their managerial skills, students are given the opportunity to work with a Private Limited company (Exco Learning Private Limited) while pursuing their degree. This allows them to develop essential leadership skills, master their decision-making skills, manage revenue bearing divisions & projects, and ultimately positively impact the profits of an organisation. The program also provides students with the chance to meet and interact with more than 100 CEOs and industry leaders, thereby adding to their managerial skills and industry exposure.

We also follow the Experiential Learning Waterfall, which allows us to optimise the learning process towards 80% practical learning. Each course is embedded with:

  • Live Decision Making
  • Leading And Executing Live Revenue Generating Businesses
  • Simulations And Experiments
  • Case Blazer (50 Hours Non-stop Dynamic Case Study Competitions)
  • Global Immersion Programs In Europe And Asia
  • Live Projects In Companies
  • Student Boardrooms
  • Industry Ceo Workshops
  • Student Mentoring By Industry
  • Research Projects
  • Economic Review Sessions
  • Thinkathons
  • Quizzes
  • Conferences And Symposiums
  • Shadow Techniques, and
  • Global And Indian Internships

Our Experiential Learning Waterfall ensures that our student's gain the ability to grasp complex concepts, put them in practice, develop learning agility and assures that fundamental business ideas are ingrained in them.

Our one year Part Time Executive MBA program is a globally recognised and notable qualification for working management professionals. The program strives to foster independent and creative thinkers. The curriculum is embedded with industry CEO workshops, research projects, economic review sessions, quizzes, conferences and symposiums. The program is particularly designed for those who are looking to augment their skillset and expedite their careers in record time of 12 months.

The programme also allows students to live in the UK for a year to gain vital international exposure. Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK award the program certification which is a MBA degree.

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