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                               for distinguished service to construction industry

                                  Russian President   SAS Inc., USA  leaders business  need  We  sensitive  are  incorporate  promoting besides  It  School.  leaders visionary  quality  for  needs  to relevant  School Business  to leaders business  dexterity  and  Dalbir Singh  –  LLB (Hons), MBA

                                  by the    Indian Olympic Association  & Senior Advisor,  competent  and  Country.  the  of  and  skills business  to motivated  responsibility,  opportunities.  Business Universal  and  quest  their  curriculum  a  truly  is  It  grooming  commitment
                            All India Congress Committee

                                  (foreign citizen) International Forum of Federations, Canada Foundation for Policy & Governance  National Tennis Federation  SPICMACAY  qualified  highly  needs  development sustainable  desired  the  have  be  to  need  also  They  social  & governance  employment adequate  of  Board  the  join  to  distinguished  highly  by  in dedicated  are  They  the  make  to striving  India. Corporate  of  ethos  for Industry  the  by  enormous  with governance

                        Dalbir Singh  National Secretary,  President of India Honored by Conferred highest award of honour  Senior Advisor,  President, Govt. Coordination Commission, Chairman, Commonwealth Games 2010  Mayor,  Vice President, Advisory Board Member,  India  that  believe  strongly  “I  and  rapid efficient, facilitate  innovative,  & pragmatic  are  who  growth. inclusive  of objectives  corporate  ethics,  of standards  creating  and entrepreneurship  invited  be  to  pleased  very  am  I  backed  team dynamic  and  yo
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