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BA(Hons.) in Business with Liberal Arts / Economics/ Data Analytics/ Sports/ Design

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Universal Business School is pioneer in futuristic Education which is Skill and Experiential based education rather than Degree based traditional education system. The Industry 5.0 will come with unique challenges and the current degree base rigid programs are going to be redundant. Looking at challenges and skill sets require in coming days, UBS, the best college offering Bachelor of Arts (honors) in Liberal Arts in Mumbai, proudly present the future of Business Management along with Liberal Arts combination which will fulfil the demand of skill sets required and are an ideal complement to a business education. They help students learn how to synthesize information, connect dots, analyze facts, think logically and make educated decisions — real-world skills that contribute to business success.

In our view, an integrated liberal arts and business education produces thoughtful and well-informed civic leaders while giving the students a plethora of career options; something very few colleges with BA Hons in Liberal Arts Mumbai will offer. they can choose only business management or a combination of business management with liberal arts that any other BA Hons colleges in Mumbai will not be able to match. It cultivates individual freedom through reflection and self-awareness. It leads individuals to think for themselves. It creates an understanding of the larger context of business issues and the role of business in society, history, culture and ideology. It leads to more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking as a result of the cross-fertilization of ideas and the constantly fresh perspective that this produces.

Along with the major as business management, students can choose a minor like Design Thinking, Psychology, Sociology, Design, Sports Management and Data Analytics under a single umbrella that other Bachelor of Arts (honors) in Liberal Arts in Mumbai or BA Hons Economics colleges in Mumbai of even any of the BA Hons in sports colleges in India will separately provide but in isolation and not in combination.

The students of Bachelor of Arts (honors) in Liberal in UBS Mumbai are able to take classes in other subjects that may not directly relate to their major but gives students a wider understanding of their world by showing them how different fields are connected. And it improves students’ critical thinking skills by helping them look at problems in many different ways while preparing them to take on other jobs which require such skills apart from business management. Such an unique opportunity any of the BA Hons colleges in Mumbai or even anywhere else in India will hardly provide.

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Student Value Proposition Student Value Proposition

Students become future ready in the VUCA world and are able to:

Develop confidence to face any challenges

Become adaptable and agile

Use the right analytical tools

Explore new approaches to critical thinking and independent analysis

Facilitate quick decision making

Ask the right questions in a live environment

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