Economic empowerment means fixing the broken rungs, at the bottom of the poverty to wealth ladder. Every individual must be given the skills, resources and the confidence to take control of their life, achieve their performance potential and benefit from the opportunities of the liberalised economy. We at Universal will develop Human Capital, to become the most valuable resource for addressing the multifarious challenges which are being faced by organisations, in the ‘interesting times’ in which we live today.

Universal Business School™ as stated in our promise is fully committed to ensuring that the leaders of tomorrow are sensitive towards Corporate Social Responsibility, the Environment and are passionately committed towards E

thical Practices, in the conduct of their personal & professional lives. Even in the admission processes, candidates will be evaluated in terms of their attitudes, behaviors & contributions towards societal causes. These aspects will have significant weightage, along with other important criteria like education, work experience & attainments in extra-curricular activities. We do believe that this is critical towards ensuring that our alumni do not merely pay lip service towards these values, but are passionate about their societal responsibilities. We believe that strengthening concern for societal causes in our students will enable them to lead better lives and help the organisations they work for, to become better corporate citizens. We sincerely believe that CSR contributes significantly, towards achieving enduring business success, in the long run.

Special SMART (Social Management Aptitude and Responsibility Temperament) projects will be designed to ensure that each and every student undergoes a project, focused towards a social cause they are passionate about, at an NGO or some social / government enterprise. The SMART Project will ensure that we produce CSR compliant citizens, for global organisations.

CSR Activity