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UBS Follows A Rolling Admissions Policy

Rolling admissions means that other things are equal, candidates who apply earlier have a higher likelihood of being accepted into the programs of their choice. It also means that applications will be closed as soon as all seats are filled.

Applications are open for the 2023- 24 / 2023 academic session.

UBS offers various categories of Scholarships to all its students based on Merit, Means, Early Bird, Special, Location Based, and Entrance Exam based. Please click here to know more.
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For any queries related to admissions, you can contact The Admission Help Desk at, or alternately call Ms. Neha Mudras on 9326585100 between Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 PM.

AICTE Approved Programs Batch Application Connect with a Student of the same program

PGDM (Single/Dual Specialization/ Europe Study– 1 Month)

July 2023 31st March

Sahil Mukesh Chheda - 9769516896
| Connect on LinkedIn

Pragati Jaiswal - 9970535585 | Connect on LinkedIn

Mansi Jangid - 9588021998 | Connect on LinkedIn

Sakshi Jyotishi - 8770827801 | Connect on LinkedIn

Sachin Dubey - 8853903373 | Connect on LinkedIn

Sakshi Jaiswal - 7039783690 | Connect on LinkedIn

PGDM + GMP (Cardiff Met. University, UK)

July 2023 31st March

Subhranil Maji - 7586985003 | Connect on LinkedIn

Jigisha Jain - 8962207252 | Connect on LinkedIn

Nikita Agarwal - 8591816696 | Connect on LinkedIn

Aakriti Kushwaha - 9559679879 | Connect on LinkedIn

Indranil Sircar - 7978138882 | Connect on LinkedIn

Isha Agarwal - 8486278938 | Connect on LinkedIn

Sourabh Ujjain - 9575520984 | Connect on LinkedIn

PGDM + GMP (Lincoln University, California, USA - 1 year)

July 2023 31st March

Varun Lalwani - 9935349263 | Connect on LinkedIn

Paramita Palit - 9038138281 | Connect on LinkedIn

Simran Lalwani - 9569804531 | Connect on LinkedIn

PGDM + GMP (University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria - 3 months)

July 2023 31st March

Rajat Modi - 7020053189 | Connect on LinkedIn

Sylvester Paul - 7568181602 | Connect on LinkedIn

PGDM + GMP (Swiss School of Management, Italy - Optional 2 weeks)

July 2023 31st March

Kushal Kothari - 8830469610 | Connect on LinkedIn

PDGM + GMP (INSEEC Business School, Paris, France - 1 Year)

July 2023 31st March

Utkarsh Telang - 9011047266 | Connect on LinkedIn

PGDM + GMP (Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, USA - 1 Year)

July 2023 31st March

Tejal Nanaware- 8652031517 | Connect on LinkedIn

Karandeep Singh - 9599500915 | Connect on LinkedIn

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)

July 2023 31st March

Will update soon


1. Universal Business School (UBS) selections are profile based on the criteria mentioned on the respective programs.

2. The decision of the UBS Selection Panel is final and is at the sole discretion of the institute.

"#DilJeetLiya" - You Can Win Hearts with UBS

UBS has been Crafting CEOs for the Corporate World. Everyone celebrates victory with those who have the courage to stand out and shine brightly from the rest of the crowd. At UBS, we are transforming lives!

From Getting the Lowest Salary in The Batch to Becoming A CEO, Mr. Tarun Anand, UBS

Tarun Anand got one of the lowest salaries from his batch at SPJIMR, but what he got in return was way more valuable.

Starting as a door-to-door salesman, Tarun built his career step by step to finally becoming the CEO of a global company, only to leave it and come back to India. Tarun shares his journey to InsideIIM, his life, why he decided to set up Universal Business School in Karjat, Mumbai, what are some of the USPs this b-school has, and more.

He delves further into the factors students should keep in mind during their b-school selection. How institutes that claim to be global b-schools should be measured for an outcome, is something that he also stresses in this conversation.

Fees, RoI, the need for an MBA, and why the UBS campus looks more like a hill station, this and a lot more are in store in this candid conversation with the Founder of UBS, Karjat (Mumbai), Tarun Anand.

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