Universal Business School (UBS)
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YAAZDAN KATRAK, B.Com; Work Exp. – 3 Mth

UBS has instilled in me a sense of maturity, stability and a new way of looking at life. The practice of green thinking is successfully inculcated in us with the idea that we must become the change which we wish to see in the world. UBS prepares and pulls us up for the industry as well as the challenges ahead. Kudos to this esteemed institution – My Alma Mater for life.

SAMITA, BA (Hon’s in English), PGD (Mass Communication) Work Exp. – 6.5 Yrs

The international curriculum and exposure at UBS serves as a platform to understand the intricacies of the business world. It offers global views which have helped me in understanding the world better bridge the cultural and linguistic divides and evolve as an effective global leader. The unique practice of interactions with the wall street personalities is a life transforming experience which serves as a key to understanding at a cross functional level of enterprise complexity. Thank you UBS!!!

AAMIR ARSIWALA, BCA; Work Exp. – 6 Mths

The diverse cultures in UBS have made me understand people better. One distinctive quality which I like about UBS is the norm of guest speakers from the industry who provide us with real life experiences.Thank you UBS!!!

SANKALP SEKSARIA, B.Com; Work Exp. – 7 Yrs

I am content to be part of Universal Business School. It has given me an opportunity to learn and grow. I believe no matter how hard your past is you can always begin again and that’s what UBS is all about – Transforming lives.

KALYAN SALEHUNDAM, B.Tech.; Work Exp. – 8 Yrs

Studying at UBS was truly rewarding and fun. Finishing MBA while working full time required much dedication, hard work and sacrifice. However the benefits at UBS outweighed my sacrifices. I have been trained, encouraged to explore outside my comfort zone. I became more confident as a MBA professional. It is been a great learning experience while attending the sessions from more than 60 CEOs.

SHREYA PRABHU, BBA; Work Exp. – 2 Mths

UBS has really lived up to its name of transforming lives, and has impacted my life to a great extent. There are lots of opportunities which UBS has given, a lot of opportunities to explore. It is a great platform to discover oneself.

PAYAL PATEL, India: BA (English & Economics); Work Exp. – 2 Yrs

UBS facilitated us to interact with top notch business leaders around the world. The institute gears up the ability of plug and play in its students so that on the very first day of their work, they are operative and are set to lead the world.

VIVEKRAJ SHAH, India: BSC (Finance & Investment); Work Exp. – 8 Yrs

UBS believes in the development of a student’s mind, body and soul. Apart from imparting a world class education, the faculty is constantly focussed on improving student’s intellect and personality. UBS is shaping the leaders of tomorrow.



UBS to me is a place of light, liberty and learning. It is a platform for me to reside, experience and educate myself with intellectual and most diversified minds

ANAIS REMON, France: Bachelor in Import Export; Work Exp. – 2 Yrs

UBS has been an opportunity to improve my skills thanks to varied lectures, meeting with a new culture and a lot of contacts made.

CHARLOTTE M. BONNEY, FRANCE: Bachelor in Management; Work Exp. – 18Mths

This semester at Universal Business School was truly rewarding in both education and cultural level.

EMILIE BEZEI, FRANCE, Licence LEA ; Work Exp. – 18 mths

Understanding the Indian culture provided me the strength to face multicultural issues in my future professional career. It was such an honor to be the first international students of UBS and live this human experience.

EMILIE BEAU, Bachelor in Economic and Social Administration; Work Exp. – 1Yr

Universal Business School allowed me to open my mind to an international perspective. The exchange of culture is very interesting for future managers. Proud to be part of this adventure.

JEREMY FRESNEAU, France: Bachelor in International Management ; Work Exp. – 1 Yr

UBS allowed me to meet many interesting students and professors and gave me the opportunity to have a better understanding of the Indian culture. I enjoyed spending time here.

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