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Universal Business School (UBS), Mumbai – Placements 2022Universal Business School (UBS), Mumbai – Placements 2022

Universal Business School, Mumbai, Campus in Karjat has shown remarkable placement records for its students year on year. Placements for the Class of 2022 have been successfully completed with 98% placements so far.

Universal Business School Placement Highlights

Top 10 Placements

No. Highest Salary Company Batch Experienced / Fresher Salary
1 Akshay Chavan NovaStar Development LLC SSM+ INSEEC Fresher Rs. 40 Lacs
2 Saket Somani Everise Shipping Service, Singapore PGDM Fresher Rs. 25 Lacs
3 Tarun Gupta Property Pistol PGDM Fresher Rs.22 Lacs
4 Saakshi Poddar Tresvista PGDM Fresher Rs. 17.2 Lacs
5 Preet Bhatt Mahindra Logistics PGDM Fresher Rs. 13.75 Lacs
6 Adithya H Nair Blinkads PGDM Fresher Rs. 13.5 Lacs
7 Paras Bhardwaj Federal Bank PGDM Fresher Rs. 13 Lacs
8 Saarthak Khandelwal Federal Bank PGDM Fresher Rs. 13 Lacs
9 Jaiee Anand Parkar Federal Bank PGDM Fresher Rs.13 Lacs
10 Saumya Singh Federal Bank PGDM Fresher Rs 13 Lacs

International Placements

No. International Placements Student City / Country Salary
1 NovaStar Development LLC, (2021) Akshay Chavan Paris, France Rs. 40 Lacs
2 Evershine Shipping Service (2021) Saket Somani Singapore Rs. 25 Lacs
3 EMEL Corporate Solutions, (2019) Dominic Varghese Lagos, Nigeria Rs. 20.5 Lacs
4 Square Capital/Yard, (2019) Narayanan Menon Dubai, UAE Rs. 15.07 Lacs
5 Square Capital/Yard, (2019) Ankush Jaggi Dubai, UAE Rs. 15.07 Lacs
6 Carrier Midea, China (2017) Sharath Reddy Beijing, China Rs. 22.0 Lacs
7 Venture Gulf Group (2016) Unnikrishnan Bahrain Rs. 1.01 Crore

Global Placements Global Placements

  • France

  • China

  • UAE

  • Turkey

  • Bahrain

  • Qatar

  • USA

  • Germany

  • Nigeria

  • South Africa

  • Belgium

  • Brazil

  • Bulgaria

  • Colombia

  • Hungary

  • Indonesia

  • Morocco

  • Netherlands

  • Greece-Flag

  • Portugal

  • Russia-Flag

  • Slovenia

  • Senegal

  • Spain

The UBS Placement Commitment And Guarantee

We guarantee multiple Placement Interview opportunities to all our students

We attract the best Indian and Multinational companies across sectors to Campus through our network of 60 CEOs

We Counsel students on job opportunities to select the appropriate jobs matching their skills

We have CEOs who come to Campus to guide you on what companies are looking for

We have Internationally experienced team who help you design high impact resumes

We guarantee multiple mock Interviews to sharpen your Interview techniques and give you ample practice

We guarantee mock Entrance tests, English writing skills and Domain Knowledge tests which is critical for achieving success in multiple selection rounds

We negotiate with companies to improve salary packages for our experienced students

At Universal Business School we take Placements very seriously and one of the 60 CEOs on our Board of Governors takes complete ownership of this most critical task, supported by a team of Indian and International professionals. At UBS we ensure that our students are given the proper guidance and training to achieve their true potential.

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