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At UBS, we believe in supporting our students in every possible manner. Therefore, there are a few scholarships which we offer to encourage our students academically

Capital First (Scholarship of INR 2 Lacs)

Capital First Scholarship is applicable to the students who come from families with annual income below INR 6 lacs. It is an application and Interview based process. Final decision on scholarship award is at the sole discretion of Capital First. Mere eligibility does not guarantee a scholarship. Please get in touch with your admission counsellor for further details.

Special Scholarship

Children of Armed Forces Applicants – INR 25,000

Students with domicile in North East, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir- lNR 25,000

Siblings Scholarship - INR 50,000

Parent as Teacher Scholarship - INR 50,000

Graduates from Indian Institute ofTechnology (IIT)- 80% of Tuition Fee (1st Three Applicants)

Merit Scholarship (upto INR 2,00,000/-) Merit Scholarship (upto INR 2,00,000/-)

Indicative Criteria – Depending on the academic performance, we offer following scholarships to our students.

1. Above 85% in Graduation – up to INR 1,00,000/-

2. Above 90% in Graduation – up to INR 2,00,000/-

Note: Only one category of special scholarship is applicable per student. Merit Scholarship cannot be clubbed with special scholarship.


Note: Students are eligible for scholarship if their scholarship application is received prior to

• December 31 for March batch

• April 15 for July batch


Entrance Exam Scholarship:


1. Scores above 80%ile in CAT,XAT or 650+ in GMAT are eligible upto INR 100,000

2. Scores above 90%ile in CAT,XAT or 700+ in GMAT are eligible upto INR 200,000


The final list of merit scholarships will be declared by February 15 for March batch and June 15 for July batch. All merit scholarships are at the sole discretion of UBS If the student does not receive a scholarship award letter from the Admissions Team, then the student is not eligible


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