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  • Yes, the Global BBA degree is accredited by Quality Assurance Agency, UK for the Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and in addition for the Integrated Global BBA + MBA degree, the MBA Degree + PGDM is Accredited by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. UBS is the first Indian Business School to be recognized by AICTE, to grant an International MBA Degree in India.
  1. UBS is the Only Indian B-School Endorsed by 60 CEO’s
  2. UBS has 30 Senators who are Heads of Businesses in reputed companies, who bring in regular innovations in the curriculum.
  3. UBS is Asia’s only B-School which has a Thomson Reuters Global Cross Asset Trading Room and gives student access to professional trading opportunities at par with the post-graduate level.
  4. Faculty from IIM’s, SPJIMR, JBIMS, Stanford, XLRI, Michigan, Tuck & Anderson
  5. UBS Pedagogy meets with industry standards making our students Industry Ready from Day 1.
  6. UBS has adopted the Cambridge & Oxford University Model of Mentoring its students.
  7. UBS Infrastructure is at par with the best in the World and has been built by American Architects who have built Cornell University and Columbia Business School, USA. UBS has been termed a ‘FIVE STAR UNIVERSITY’ by India Today
  8. UBS has attracted international students & Faculty from USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Poland, Congo, Egypt, Nepal, UAE, Qatar etc. giving you a truly International Experience

Students have the following Options:

  1. Job Opportunities. The Placement team facilitates this process from preparing his / her resume, conducting mock interviews preparing the student for the interview process, inviting companies and managing the interview & selection process.
  2. MBA from Cardiff Met at UK Campus: Students can pursue his International MBA from Cardiff Met University at the UK Campus.
  3. MBA from Cardiff Met at UBS Indian Campus: Students can pursue his International MBA from Cardiff Met University at the UBS Campus in Mumbai.
  4. AICTE Approved PGDM at UBS Campus: Students can pursue his PGDM from Universal Business School in Mumbai.
  5. MBA from Other International University: Students can pursue his International MBA from any International University.
  6. Placement & Internship Opportunities
  7. Cardiff Summer School in UK- Students can apply and go for the summer program
  8. International Exchange in 20 countries across the globe
  9. Global Immersion – International Student Exchange Programs, ERASMUS–fully paid scholarship
  10. Unmatched study across 4 continents
  • Students will receive a globally accepted Degree from Cardiff Met. University, UK which will enable students to apply for jobs across the world, as the pedagogy we teach is on par with any Top University globally.
  • UBS has been termed as one of the four ‘TRULY GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IN INDIA’ by Times of India, 2015.

The Edge with an International degree is as follows:

  • Global curriculum with established international best practices
  • Global exposure which allows student to study in 20+ International Universities.
  • Ability to study on Cardiff Met., UK Campus for 1 or 2 years during the course.
  • Focus on Critical Thinking and 80% practical learning rather than Rote Learning in the Indian system.
  • An ability to pick a job-oriented specialization, rather than the standard BBA or B. Com in the Indian context.

The UBS program is built by Industry for Industry. UBS is endorsed by 60 CEOs of leading Indian companies and Multinationals who are on our Board of Governors. Furthermore UBS is spear-headed by 30 Heads of Business from leading Indian & MNC corporations who serve on our Senate. This ensures the employability of our programs. Every year more than 245 companies visit our Campus for talent.

  • UBS has International Alliances with over 20 Universities across UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, China, Lithuania, Argentina and USA. Students have the opportunity to study in any of these countries under the Student Exchange program.
  • Yes, a student has the opportunity of doing his MBA at the Cardiff Campus in the UK
  • In addition to this UG students can do their third and final year at the Cardiff Campus in UK
  • The average salary that a student can draw after completion of BBA is India is around 7 to 8 lacs per annum.
  • Yes, admission credits would be granted, however, students will need to meet all the other prerequisites of Cardiff Met University, UK

UBS has innovated and brought multiple unique programs that are run for and by students on campus:

  1. Experiential Learning Corporation (ELC) where students get hands on business, Leadership, Organisation and entrepreneurial experience and work for a Pvt. Ltd. company on Campus
  2. Rush4Rush – India’s 1st Business Adventure festival. This is an inter-collegiate festival which is developed and executed by the students
  3. Universal Innovation Council (UIC) – Students come up with innovations across the Academic processes, pedagogy, student development which are implemented by students.
  4. Earn While You Learn (EWL) – Students get an opportunity to contribute to the school and earn in the process.
  5. Case Blazer – The 100 hour case study prepares them for the intense competition and work pressures in the corporate world
  6. Young Ideas – Allows them to get their Ideas funded by Seed funding from Venture Capitalists
  7. UBS Clubs – Students join clubs to further their knowledge and exposure in areas, like the Finance Club Frigata or Marketing Club Quiverine etc. We also have interest based clubs like Toastmasters, Photography, Video Tech, Social Media focused clubs.
  8. Global Trading – Students get the opportunity to trade stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies across all 5 continents in real-time
  9. Global CEO Series – Students have access to over 60+ CEOs during the Academic year and get exposed to leadership lectures from Global CEOs, which gives them access to top management exposure and latest industry trends.
  10. Experiential Learning Waterfall- Students can engage in Live projects, internships, Global Project Management Workshops,Shadow Techniques, Business Simulations
  • The UBS UG Faculty is experienced in Business Management, having served as CEOs and Heads of Business with international experience, unlike other Business Schools who are purely academicians with no or very junior corporate experience. UBS is the only B-School that utilizes the services of its MBA Faculty for the BBA as well, this ensures top management leaders teaching your students.
  • Yes, every year the student will get his / her Transcript and the final degree after he successfully completes his graduation.
  • Students can also be part of the convocation ceremony at Cardiff Met, UK with their family.

We get students from 24 States and 10+ countries and it is critical that they feel comfortable to enjoy their learning experience at UBS. We do the following, which is why students refer to UBS as a modern day “GURUKUL”.

  1. “Buddy” – Each Student on arrival is allocated a Buddy on Campus who is a senior who guides and supports the student for all his needs
  2. “Mentor program” – Each student on arrival is assigned a Mentor who is a Professor who they meet on a Weekly basis for academic as well as non-academic counselling. In these sessions students develop their non-academic related competencies.
  3. “Induction Program” – UBS has the most extensive Induction program for 10 days where students hear from over 20 CEOs, participate in Talent shows, Treasure Hunts, UBS Mountain Treks and nature walks to acclimatize students to the new world they are about to enter and make long lasting friendships.
  4. Fresher’s Night – Welcome party for the fresher’s organized by our own students
  • UBS offers world-class accommodation. Students are given 2 options of an air-conditioned single and dual sharing room with attached bathroom. Four students share a common living room, dining room and kitchenette for light snacks, tea & coffee. Students have access to a Launderette as well as a Laundry service. Students have housekeeping services which are provided once a day to clean their rooms.
  • Students have access to Gymnasium, Indoor games arena with Pool, Table Tennis and Outdoor games like Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Cricket and Volley ball court. Students have a jogging track and indulge in Mountain trekking and Mountain Biking etc.
  • The entire UBS campus is disability friendly as it has been designed to American standards.

For the specilaisations, students have the following options to choose from -

  1. For 3 Years Global BBA Degree - Marketing | Finance
  2. For 3 Years Global BBA + Economics / Psychology - Economics | Psychology (Liberal Arts)
  3. For 4 Years Integrated Global BBA + MBA - Marketing | Finance | Human Resources | Logistics & Supply Chain | Business Analytics
  • Yes, the SAT scores support the student’s candidature for those that have studied IB/Cambridge curriculum along with TOEFL.
  • Students have several opportunities to explore their true potential on Campus. These include Indoor and Outdoor sports competitions, Cultural shows, Talent Shows, Fashion Shows, Musical nights (Octave nights), Toastmasters Public Speech Making, Individual & Group Dancing and Singing competitions, Play Acting, Debates, Case Competitions, Trading Competitions, Case Study Competitions, Photography competitions, Gaming, Cross Country running, Mountain biking, Treasure Hunts, Trekking, Participation in Clubs, ELC, Innovation Council, Learning International Languages like Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French and German.
  • We have tied up with EduSports to professionally measure the fitness levels via Healthy Mindz & Fitness Tracking Report
  • Students who have done very well in their class 10th, would not have any problems adjusting to the program. Faculty at UBS, mentor students and most of the faculty stay on campus and students get the advantage of getting extra classes when required. Since the International curriculum is application based and is inter-disciplinary and flexible, it allows students to adapt easily from other streams.

Yes, anyone (students, or their family) can visit the campus. We encourage every student to visit the campus. You need to book a campus tour prior to your arrival through the link-

UBS follows a Rolling admission, which means that other things equal, candidates who apply earlier have a higher likelihood of being accepted onto the programs of their choice. It also means that applications will be closed as soon as all seats are filled.

Online Application Form Link -

  • UBS has an Online Application Process. You can visit our website and click on APPLY NOW, choose your program, and proceed subsequently.
  • You can contact our academic counsellors at 7838500178 / 8689920747 or e-mail your query to

  • Yes, you can apply before appearing for your Class 12th final board exams and do not require predicted scores as a mandatory document in your application form. 
  • Once you receive your 12th-grade scores or your predicted grades, please send the scanned copy of your mark sheet to the Admissions Cell at

Once you complete your admission process, your result will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee, and then you will get your final results. If you are selected, you will be sent an Offer Letter for admission.

To confirm your admission, you need to sign, scan and send the Acceptance Letter and the Admission Confirmation deposit to the Admissions Team.

For any further queries, you can reach out to our Admissions team @

At UBS, we believe in supporting our students in every possible manner. Therefore, there are various types of scholarships which we offer to encourage our students academically.

1. Economic (Early Bird) Scholarship - INR 50,000/- : Early Bird Scholarship is applicable to the students who take admission in UBS in the early Admission Round. Applications for Early Bird are valid up to 31st December 2022.

2. Merit Scholarship - Up to INR 1,50,000/-

Depending on the academic performance, we offer the following scholarships to our students-

Indian Board title
International Board Grade
Scholarship Upto
80% to 84%
30 to 32
INR 50,000/-
85% to 89%
33 to 35
INR 75,000/-
90% to 94%
36 to 38
INR 1,00,000/-
95% & above
39 & above
INR 1,50,000/-

1. Special Scholarship - INR 50,000/- : The special scholarship of INR 50,000 is available for the following categories namely-

  • Children of Armed orces
  • Students with Domicile in Northeast, Chandigarh, Kerala, Union Territories, and Jammu & Kashmir
  • Siblings Scholarship
  • Parents as Teachers Scholarship
  • National / International Sports Scholarship
  • For anyone who has lost his/ her parent due to COVID-19

2. School Achievement Scholarship - INR 50,000/- : Letter of Recommendation from School Counsellor / Principal- Why you should be considered at UBS?

3. Means Scholarship - Upto INR 1,00,000/- : Applicable to the students who come from families with annual income below INR 6 lacs.

To know more about scholarships and education loan facility, kindly visit -
  • In case the student fails to achieve the required marks in the final board exams (12th), 50% of the confirmation amount is refunded. However if a student withdraws admission after commencement of class both tuition and hostel fees are non-refundable.

UBS gives utmost importance to the safety and security of our students.

  1. UBS has 30 Security personnel 24 * 7 round the clock across Campus
  2. There are two special Security Officers posted below the Girls apartments
  3. The entire Campus is under CCTV surveillance and a special camera is installed above the Girls apartment block
  4. 4-6 girls stay together in an apartment block which is locked from inside, so no one can enter.
  5. Only women housekeeping staff clean and do the housekeeping of the Campus
  6. The Chairman  on Campus (Prof. G.S. Anand), Dean (Prof. Bibhas) and Faculty stays on Campus with his wife and is available 24*7 at a 5 minutes distance from the student accommodation
  7. Prof. Dr. Soni (Sr. Professor from America) stays amongst the student housing.
  8. Mr.Amol Borale – Admin Officer is on call 24*7.
  9. In case of emergency, an in-house doctor attends to the student or student is taken to Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (Super specialty hospital) – 20 minutes from Campus.
  10. The Students Council is made of Students (50% female) and are available for supporting the students.

Anti-Ragging Affidavit signed by every student and their parent on Stamp paper.

  • In the Cardiff Met BBA program, the student needs to do a mandatory Internship at the end of the 2nd year. The student can do an optional Internship at the end of the first year as well.
  • In USA – As soon as the student graduates, they have 1 month to apply for OPT (a job) but it is state specific and it can’t be guaranteed. A student in 5th year should start looking for job as early as possible and it is recommended to take 9 credits each semester and keep 3 credits in last semester so they can have time to look for a job.
  • In Canada situation is different – It is easier to immigrate in Canada. It is easier to get a job in Canada, students have the opportunity to work during study. Normally a student gets a well- paid job after graduation hence there is a greater demand for students who have completed Masters. In Canada they have a 1 year to look for a job post their Masters.

This is the current norms. You would appreciate, that these policies can change depending on the government of the day and their views on immigration.

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