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History of the Company History of the Company

Experiential Learning Corporation (ELC) was formed with the vision of Mr. Tarun Anand, our Chief Evangelist and Managing Director (Fmr. Managing Director of Thomson Reuters, South Asia and Chairman & Founder of Universal Business School) to create a professional organization built and led by students where they could learn the art and science of management and practice it as well. It was clear to Mr. Anand after having run global multi-billion dollar businesses in over 136 countries and served on the Board of a $40 billion corporation that management education could only be learnt by doing real business and not sitting in a classroom. He was educated in the top B-schools in the world like Tuck Business School (USA), Michigan Ross School of Business (USA), IE Business School (Spain) and SPJIMR (India), where he learnt the best practices in management education. He was keen to empower UBS students and ignite their minds to germinate ideas enabling them to organize themselves in an organization with goals, purpose, structure, teams, leadership and a profit motive.

Those that contributed and participated were promoted to Vice Presidents and those that were not performing were fired. Weekly business reviews were conducted based on the Business Scorecard Method.

On September 7, 2016, Excolearn Pvt. Ltd. came into existence formally and ELC was transformed into a Private Limited Companyand create a thriving enterprise. Towards this goal, students took on roles of writing the MOA & AOA, and got the company formerly registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It was decided that ELC would become an external focused organization and deliver revenues whilst benefitting the entire student body and external companies. A complete charter was created towards the organization structure, how VP’s would get promoted, how a CEO would be selected and a comprehensive rule book on the workings of the ELC was drafted towards making the dream into a reality of becoming the first on-campus company in India created, built and led by students where learning would be inculcated. Every student recruited into the ELC would need to go through a panel interview and strict criteria was implemented to attract the best talent.

Benefit statement for students joining ELC Benefit statement for students joining ELC

Working live with a Multinational CEO.

Ability to work as part of a company whilst on Campus.

Ability to get promoted to Vice President, CFO, Dy. CEO and CEO positions of a Pvt. Ltd. company whilst on Campus.

If the student has done excellent work as a member of ELC, he/she will get a fantastic recommendation from a Global CEO on leaving Campus.

Lifelong ownership of shares in the company.

Being a Shareholder and contributing to the success of the company.
Ability to increase your stake to 5% of a Pvt. Ltd. Company.

Learn on-the-job managerial, financial, marketing, organizational, leadership skills all very critical for your success in the corporate world.

Gain capital appreciation and Dividend pay-outs as regular Investors.

Director Director

  • Tarun Anand

    Managing Director

  • Samita Kumar Chahal


Top Management Top Management

  • Vaneet Chaudhary


  • Maninder Walia


  • Sachin Chaudhary


  • Madhur Negi


  • Charul Paliwal


  • Ankush Goel


  • Avishekdas Gupta


  • Harjas Singh


  • Bhumit Masrani


Finance Finance

  • Kirti Khandelwal


  • Shriyansh Jain


  • Soham Karnawat

    TL Finance

Marketing Marketing

  • Pushkar Yawalkar


  • Harjyot Singh

    TL Marketing

  • Sagrika Mahajan

    TL Marketing

Events Events

  • Chandsi Sharma

    TL Events

  • Sasha Aher

    TL Marketing

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

  • Prit Kothari


  • Nikhil Agarwal

    TL Digital Marketing

  • Khalid Patnakar

    TL Digital Marketing

Content Content

  • Ashnav Alexander

    TL Content

Tours Tours

  • Tanya Verma


Campus Campus

  • Harshit Kahndelwal


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